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Discover the waters with SUBmerge


Merging human and marine ecosystems

At the heart of our technology is a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and safety. Our goal is to advance our understanding of the marine environment and inspire others to appreciate the potential and complexity of the underwater world.

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Why us?

A designed solution for turbid waters

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Live HD video

Our ROV provides a high-definition live video feed, allowing users to easily explore and monitor the aquatic environment in real-time. In addition to the live feed, we also offer image enhancing capabilities. Whether you're searching for lost items, conducting scientific research, or simply curious about the underwater world, our drone's enhanced camera technology provides you with a clearer and more detailed view of the underwater world from the comfort of your boat or shore.

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Location Capabilities

ROV is equipped with both GPS and DVL, enabling it to accurately determine its location and display it on a map. This combination of location technologies allows the ROV to operate with high precision, making it well-suited for tasks that require accurate navigation and positioning, such as underwater exploration, scientific research, and inspection of infrastructure.

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Payload capacity

Our ROV is a highly adaptable vehicle that can be equipped with a variety of sensors and equipment to perform a multitude of underwater tasks. We offer water quality monitoring solutions and scans with our ROV, which can be fitted with various water quality measuring sensors and other sensors.

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